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what we deliver

  • Creating a global payment and collection capability as an alternative to card scheme payments for rapid roll-out to meet the needs of an international online market place
  • Developing an industry platform for utility companies in European markets to accelerate customer onboarding, drastically reduce the cost of customer churn and debt collection whilst ensuring compliance with stringent rules for data protection and consumer protection
  • Participating in a research and development project with leading UK Universities to address financial and digital inclusion in Asia Pacific focusing on retail SMEs featuring an innovative mobile application for supply chain management
  • Working with a major Middle East bank and trade association to deliver an eInvoicing platform suitable for SMEs to leverage supply chain efficiencies and facilitate easier access to financing.

our values

We all share core values of respect, for each other and our clients, listening first and humility…with a healthy dose of self depreciating humour thrown in.

We thrive on complex challenges. We respect existing rules and regulations but endeavour to break down market barriers to improvement using thoughtful innovation.

We show initiative but do not seek change for the sake of change…only for the sake of improving.

We pride ourselves on execution and are fixated on timely, accurate and problem free delivery using an Agile approach and Lean practices.

We qualify our clients to ensure we share common values before engaging commercially. We believe this to be crucial to a successful working partnership.

We look to build on the strengths of our clients rather than critique their weaknesses.

We are discrete, quietly confidential and don’t brag about success – we let our customers do that.


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