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About EDGE

EDGE is a team of experienced professionals from large corporates such as Shell and E.On and banks such as JPMorgan, Rabo Bank and Erste Bank. We have learned to roll up our sleeves in program and project management, migration management and product management. We have always operated
from a bank perspective on the pre-sales or client side. From a corporate perspective we haveoperated in business transformation and supply chain innovation. We bring practical expertise of projects executed in the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Middle East, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brasil.
We have delivered solutions for large organisations in the following areas:
o ISO 20022 migration
o Payments (cross border, local, real time, batch, direct debit, credit transfers)
o Flexible handling of payment requests through different communication channels
and devices
o Trade finance and documentary credit
o Foreign Exchange (including sales, trading, operations and eFX)
o Onboarding of retail clients, SMEs and large corporates
o EU and UK financial crime legislation (AML/CTF, Sanctions & Embargos, Anti-Bribery
and Corruption, Tax Evasion
o GLEIF: Banks and tax authority as Validation agent, using a combination of business
registers and eID
o Positive and negative credit checks
o Credit management and client operations optimisation for 2 million+ customers
o eProcurement, e-invoicing and supplier onboarding, inside and outside of PEPPOL

We can offer manpower and brainpower. We do not shy away from tedious work as loyal team members. And can take a role as transformation agents. Or simply be called in once in a while as facilitators or subject matter experts. And when needed call upon extensive relationships with other experts, built over the years by our own team of experienced and educated professionals.
What we would really like is to participate in programs and projects that support banks to accelerate revenue growth with existing clients and new clients, with existing products and new solutions. For instance by using payments, FX and trade finance products embedded in what bank clients do with other bank customers. And as such allowing customers to remove friction from local and international trade. Accelerating for bank customers sales to their clients. While strengthening resilience and compliance with international regulations. That affect both banks and their clients.
By reducing the complexity and cost of both banks and their clients of a multiplicity of formats, channels, delivery methods, apps in the app store, API keys, connection configurations and additional software modules. And by enhancing the right user experience.
With truly transformational digital and business transformation of banks and their clients.We enjoy our work and our proud of our results. We are experienced, international and eager.

See here for more information about our founder and CEO, Tom Buschman


Our values 

The internet continues to make it easier to find and buy products. What is lacking is the speed and simplicity of identifying trusted suppliers and buyers, starting a relationship and get to business as quickly as possible. And then deal with orders, invoices, returns, credit notes, partial payments, non-payments, credit and – yes – successful payments in real-time. Anywhere and at any time of day.
Businesses are increasingly using electronic solutions in order to work more efficiently with their customers and suppliers and improve their working capital and cashflows.
BUT users are challenged with increased complexity and cost through a multiplicity of formats, channels, delivery methods, apps in the app store, API keys, connection configurations and additional software modules.
The user experience is sub optimal as the focus has been on one-sided system-to-system automation driven by major buyers, sellers and banks.At the same time market conditions and regulators push businesses to speed up and improve their processes, such as around e-Invoicing, customer and supplier identification & verification, tax administration and data security.
In years of experience, EDGE professionals have found a multi-faceted obstacle in removing Friction taken out of multiple processes, between companies and with their banks. Technologies were created by solution providers to tackle these challenges, but always in relation to the sector they operated in or the company that paid for the technology.
Because buyers want to control their suppliers, minimise spend and maximise quality of products and services delivered. Suppliers want to have independence from dominant clients and minimise their business risk. Banks want to safeguard the money they handle and need to underpin all their activities by the highest standards of risk management and governance.
Large companies need to deal with many internal departments. And small companies want to get things done simply, even if this means not perfectly. And all wish to have control as much as they can over what the others do and don’t.




About the EDGE platform

EDGE is a secure global e-invoicing system for enterprises of all sizes from large corporations and public service providers to non-profit organisations and sole traders. With EDGE you can send and receive invoices, notify payments and organise everything around it.

Whether you are a small or a large company, have domestic or international clients, using EDGE will help you send your invoices instantly and be paid faster. You can send your first invoice in minutes. Secure and compliant with local legislation. No sign up or subscription fees just on a transparent 'pay as you go' basis. Start using EDGE now and get paid faster just like all other companies before you. 

EDGE makes it easy to do business internationally

You can send invoices and credit notes that are 100% VAT compliant in 40 countries
You can pay and be paid in your currency of choice in 40 countries (for large volumes only, please contact us for more information)

You can certify your company details and verify details of suppliers and customers from the official data registries in 23 countries
Users can adapt their settings to reflect their time zone, their currency format and their date format
EDGE can support multiple languages set per user (currently English and Dutch)

Data protected from fraud, theft, loss and human error

Security is built into the fabric of your EDGE account at every level. Platform features are continuously reviewed to ensure you control your business. Data on EDGE is subject to stringent physical and electronic security measures and stored remotely in multiple locations. The EDGE Privacy Policy underlines that there is no access to your information without your authorisation

- EDGE offers a comprehensive control framework that protects your data in EDGE without affecting the simplicity of its use.
- Communication between users and EDGE servers only encrypted through SSL.
- No information between EDGE and EDGE users is exchanged via email.
- Only one EDGE account is allowed per email address.
- All system access is logged and tracked for auditing purposes.
- EDGE creates easily accessible audit trails for rapid detection of suspicious or anomalous activity.
- Users can restrict the period of idle time after which the system is logged off automatically.
- Email notifications can be set by individual users to monitor specific activity on their EDGE account.
- One dedicated administrative user controls the access and authorisation rights of other users per EDGE account.
- Extensive input controls and use of account defaults minimise the risk of incorrect data entry by additional users.
- Display of sensitive data on a need-to-know basis only.
- Multifactor authentication of users who have access to sensitive data such as bank details.
- Bank details recorded by the payee are not displayed to payers through EDGE.
- Option to compel authorisation of documents by multiple signatories before registration in EDGE and submission to third parties.
- Optional verification of official company data.

Our team of professionals

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Boudewijn Schenkels


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