About us

Who is EDGE?

EDGE was founded by Tom Buschman with the idea to simplify business for small and large companies. This came into fruition with the launch of the EDGE Platform in 2010 - a digital invoicing platform integrated with banking services.

The EDGE Consulting Group was established in 2015. It is a team of highly experienced professionals focussed on the Payments space spread primarily across UK, Netherlands and India. This is supplemented with a network of experts to help provide the SME expertise you need effectively. Over the years, we have successfully executed projects in the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Middle East, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brazil.

Anupam Bansal joining as a Partner in 2021 allowed a review and expansion of the scope of activity. Recognising the gaps in Training available in the market and the expertise a number of our senior consultants bring, the repertoire offered by EDGE Consulting Group now includes delivery of Training as well.

Meanwhile our core team continues to grow, adding to the expertise available in the highly expanding Payments and Digital market.


Our values 

  • We respect people, are responsive regardless of who asks us and deliver what we promise.
  • We are passionate about what we do but we listen to you.
  • We do not shy away from tedious work as loyal team members.
  • We happily call upon others who know better than we do. 

We pride ourselves in making ambitious promises. But we only promise what we know we can deliver - together with you.
And then we deliver what we promise. With confidence in our capabilities and yours, our client. Period.

EDGE platform

EDGE operates an eInvoicing and Payments platform – EDGE platform – with the aim of helping you, the customer, achieve frictionless business.

The platform today is the result of dedicated input over multiple years from over 100 large and small companies as well as banks. EDGE platform leverages experts on payments, foreign exchange transactions, international e-invoicing, accounting, regulatory compliance, IT security and open source technology. Various partnerships with innovative service providers were established since EDGE’s inception, complementing the EDGE proposition in one integrated solution.


When EDGE platform was launched early 2010, it covered e-invoicing, dispute management and secure messaging. Today, EDGE platform offers an extended range of financial and supply chain services tuned to the specific needs of different types of companies that connect to EDGE. Key areas supported are e-invoicing, associated payments, access to PEPPOL, better identification of suppliers and customers in the invoicing chain, consent management and FX / invoice financing.

This is actively supported by its users and a growing range of partners.

EDGE Consulting Group

The EDGE Consulting Group is a team of experienced professionals from large corporates such as Shell & E.On and banks such as JPMorgan, HSBC, Rabobank & Erste Bank. We have always operated from a bank perspective on the pre-sales or client side in business transformation and supply chain innovation.