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We live in a data generating world. By 2025, it is estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be generated every day - that's the equivalent of 212 million DVDs - every day. Data is everywhere. Information abounds - just google it. Expertise and insight are rare. Actionable intelligence is rarer still.
In this section, you'll find a carefully curated collection of insights from our consultants:

ISO20022 - The Time is Now

We are now a few months away from the deployment of ISO 20022 for SWIFT starting November, 2022. It is a good time to take stock of the project, handling of potential pitfalls and the conversion of Opportunities into Profits.

Why ISO20022?
And how can we create benefits for the client?


Why do banks ignore MSMEs?

Ok, maybe ignore is too strong a word but consider the situation. Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) make up at least 90% of businesses, more than 50% of employment and contribute to more than 50% of global GDP. Clearly an important sector, yet research shows that 86% of them are happy to consider alternatives to traditional bank loans. 

Why are banks seemingly ignoring their needs?
And more importantly what can they do about it?

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EDGE Consulting Group

The EDGE Consulting Group is a team of experienced professionals from large corporates such as Shell & E.On and banks such as JPMorgan, HSBC, Rabobank & Erste Bank. We have always operated from a bank perspective on the pre-sales or client side in business transformation and supply chain innovation.