Jon Shamah

Jon is a Chartered Information Technology Professional, and Digital Identity & Trust Subject Matter Expert. He specialises in maximising the technology and operational value chain of large scale eID schemes, critical national infrastructures and national programmes.

He was a long-term consultant on eID issues to the Nordic Banking and Payments Consortium, NETS, and contributes to European Programs such as SSEDIC, STORK2.0, ECIM, CloudforEurope, FutureID and FutureTrust. He facilitated in the early stages of the forthcoming EU eID and Trust Services regulations, eIDAS, and is a registered expert at the European Network Information Security Agency (ENISA).

Jon brings to ECG his unparalleled expertise of identity and trust across the financial and corporate sectors.

In his spare time, he enjoys designing, building and launching rockets, as well as cricket and rugby.

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