Nigel Godolphin

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Nigel has worked in the Banking, Cards and Payments industry for over 35 years including roles with National Westminster Bank, Citibank Group, Barclays Bank, FIS, Earthport and Wave Crest. As a result he has developed deep background knowledge and experience in finance, customer service, credit risk and collections management, product development, project management & service delivery.

Most recently Nigel has been focusing on financial software, BPO service development and 'alternative payments' and has a successful delivery track record covering pre-paid card services and virtual accounts, net pooling, FX, ACH cross border and mobile payments for established global players as well as for start-up companies.

For ECG, Nigel specialises in payment service design and development including sourcing vendor partners for clients and providing program management for delivery of ‘go to market’ plans.

Nigel is a keen canoeist and plays lead guitar in a Rock Band called ‘Left of the Dial’.

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