Gap in training


A key gap EDGE has identified is in training. The Consultants provide the SME knowledge but then the training is left to other parties who may not have the same degree of experience. Thus the experience of the customer’s team is sub-optimal.

Our managing partner, Tom Buschman, has been a visiting professor to the London School of Economics and has handled industry liaison for the Leicester University. At least 3 of our other senior consultants have delivered over 50 trainings to various groups. Further details can be found under Training / People  (hyperlink)

As we explored the solutions to bridge the training gap, it was clear to us that the gap in training needed to be addressed not only as a supplement to our Consulting but also as a standalone solution to the Training needs of banks, fintech's and corporates.


What EDGE has done ...

We have partnered with Tribe Communications, a professional company that has previously developed training modules for other organisations, to develop similar modules for EDGE. A list of such courses under development along with a brief description of the course.

Tribe Communications also bring to us the license to offer 4 Payment modules that have already been delivered previously. We believe these form the foundation of Payments knowledge to a Banking or Corporate Payments team and are a good tool to have to meet immediate needs of our clients.

And to complement our consultancy, we also offer Workshops in half day sessions (but also available over 2 hours / full day). There the focus of these workshops is on a specific task for senior management / board members which could be to bring them up to speed, validate approach on a particular regulation or initiative or indeed focus on a specific problem. These will be conducted by our consultants and the focus will be less on presentation but more on an interactive session to address the issue on hand.

A summary of our training solutions


Areas of training


EDGE Consulting Group

The EDGE Consulting Group is a team of experienced professionals from large corporates such as Shell & E.On and banks such as JPMorgan, HSBC, Rabobank & Erste Bank. We have always operated from a bank perspective on the pre-sales or client side in business transformation and supply chain innovation.