Individualised approach to projects in the payments space
by highly experienced professionals


About EDGE

EDGE is a team of highly experienced professionals in the Payments space. Our people are from banks such as HSBC, Rabobank, Mashreq Bank and Erste Bank and large corporates such as Shell and E.On – backed up, in many instances, by years of consultancy experience in this space too. A profile of select people is available under Our People.

We can help you bridge the gap by providing the necessary SME expertise both at the Senior Stakeholder level and at the Delivery level to your Product and IT teams. The vast experience we bring (over 20 years each for all our senior consultants) will also help in providing practical guidance to issues on hand.

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Our team of professionals


Harshit H Jain


Darren Sugden


Eric Sepkes

EDGE Consulting Group

The EDGE Consulting Group is a team of experienced professionals from large corporates such as Shell & E.On and banks such as JPMorgan, HSBC, Rabobank & Erste Bank. We have always operated from a bank perspective on the pre-sales or client side in business transformation and supply chain innovation.