Jeroen Koldenhof

Jeroen is a senior ICT Program Manager. He has been working in ICT for more than 20 years. He has in-depth IT knowledge and extensive experience in setting up and managing national and international projects or programs.

In recent years, with particular focus on: information based on customer, context and process sensitive information retrieval, knowledge and digitizing application. I am experienced in internet solutions, CRM solutions (Synergy, SAP, Oracle,..), BI/Data warehousing solutions (Teradata, SAS, SAP,..) and I did several projects in Finance (BKR (iDin, Idensys,.. SAS, Synergy), G4S (payment solution, reconciliation,..), ING (SAP), etc.). Inside, I am experienced in providing solutions in the field of contextual content management, multimedia publishing and information processing. Central technology components within these solutions are enterprise search, content management and portal technologies.

As assignments Jeroen has:

  • as program manager led various international programs (such as: intranet implementation and rollout, data strategy implementation)
  • setting up, managing and expanding the IT Delivery organization as COO.
  • as CTO led the IT delivery organization.
  • implemented changes as a program manager with a constant focus on the added value for the client.
  • as project manager of business-IT projects and implemented them. 

A number of relevant terms:
Management: Program, Delivery Management, Interim, Line Management, (Iterative) Project Management, Test Manager, TAF, TMM, AVG, TMap, Service Manager (ITIL), Change Management, Leadership, Prince 2, RUP, Agile Business / Technology: Vision, Innovation, Architecture, Migration / Conversion, UML, BI, Data Warehouse, SDLC, GXP, Enterprise Search, SharePoint (2007-2010), FAST4SP, SAP, Opensource, Solr, Lucene

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